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Our Story

It all began with a simple request to paint a school…
We formed Impact On The Ground upon the realization that the ground realities of rural India were often drastically different from the perceptions we have in urban areas. There is great disparity in the quality of education, and availability of resources between urban and rural india.
By employing a hands-on, community-sourced approach, we ensure that we engage all relevant stakeholders as part of the solution-- in order to create interventions that are needs-based. In the communities we work with, we have spent months building relationships and trust, as we wish to ensure that our projects are primarily, inclusive of the communities’ needs.

Our Approach

ASK: We first ASK what the need is. We do not make assumptions, and do not decide for the communities. We spend time on the ground, often living in the communities that we work at, to understand what the core necessities are.

DO: Once we have identified the need by asking, we set about working towards addressing the need by fundraising, gathering volunteer groups, and developing the appropriate project for the intervention. We implement the projects along with all relevant local stakeholders to ensure buy-in from the community.

SHARE: Finally, we share the results of our projects and interventions, and the stories of how the projects and its implementation came about. This helps us draw more attention towards the cause, as well as inspire participation and contribution.

Meet the Team

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Anurag Ram Chandran

Founder & Executive Director

Over his years in the UAE, United States, China and India, Anurag has worked in policy roles in the government, think tanks and NGOs. He is an accomplished public speaker and debater.

Anurag is an inaugural Schwarzman Scholar who received a Masters in Global Affairs from Tsinghua University and prior to that graduated from the University of Missouri with honors in Political Science and Economics. In his free time, you can find Anurag dancing to the latest hip hop songs.


Nihal Ghosh


In his previous incarnation, Nihal was an Investment Banker for 16 months in the UK, where he’d also pursued his Undergraduate degree.

In 2014, he was awarded third prize in a nationwide competition held by Unilever UK for “The Best New Product Idea & Delivery”. Through 2015-2016, Nihal held a national rank with the British Jiu-Jitsu Foundation. His hobbies are now less threatening and he finds solace in music, travel and discovering India.