The Naya Rang Initiative

The Naya Rang Initiative is a volunteer program that focuses on re-painting dilapidated schools in rural india. The painting breathes new life into the school buildings, and gets the children excited and energized about going to school everyday. The new colors help keep the students in school, by making the school look attractive and instils pride and ownership among the students. The program is staffed by young volunteers from urban areas.

We are currently working with several schools in Dhargaon village in Igatpuri, Maharashtra. This is made possible with a succesful crowdfunding campaign, and partnerships with two large Indian and international paint companies.

The Global Saathi Initiative

The Global Saathi Initiative is an immersive program that brings delegations of young leaders from foreign countries to India in an effort to foster innovation in rural development. Such a program encourages collaboration between young leaders from both countries, as well as engages an exchange of ideas and best-practices. The program is a hands-on, exploration of rural India, which will ultimately raise awareness, and pave the way for further investments and undertakings to develop the remote regions of the country.

Our pilot program comprising our inaugural cohort of young leaders from Taiwan was successfully carried out between July 11, 2018 and July 16, 2018.


We conduct workshops with students, focused primarily on youth leadership, skill development, and rural development. Our workshops have reached over 700 students till date, with our first series concluding in October 2017 in Dhule, Maharashtra.