We hope to bring 80 solar lamps of the artist Olafur Eliasson and 80 earplugs (ohropax) to Mumbai and hand them over to children with careful instruction. The aim is to provide children with the opportunity to have reprieve from both the darkness and the noise of the streets especially in some of the most dense parts of the city. Another goal of our project is to encourage children to read and learn with the solar lamps and earplugs, while reducing the need to pass the time through drugs, violence and other illegal and dangerous causes. The solar lamp should also allow the children to travel safely at night, especially to bathrooms etc. In a figurative sense, the light is hope for an early end to the street life. We are working very closely with a team from Germany, led by Zuhal Binici on the same.



According to statistics from Action Aid India, nearly 40,000 children are currently living on the streets of Mumbai, India. They live on street corners under cartons, in stations, under bridges and as such experience great difficulty at a very tender age. Values such as safety and education are usually unknown to them. That is exactly what we want to tackle with Project Light Up and make a small but decisive contribution so that some children have better access to educational material and at the same time feel safer.

How to Support: Fundraiser

In addition to a crowdfunding drive, we are open to corporate or individual partnerships. Feel free to contact us if you would like to sponsor or contribute towards this cause. You can find the official fundraising page here:

Our Supporters

We would like to sincerely thank Dr. med. Yaşar Sezgin (specialist for general, visceral and vascular surgery, practice: Chirurgicum Berlin) for his great commitment. Dr. med Yaşar Sezgin took over the full cost of the 80 earplugs/Ohropax (1 pack = 10 pairs per child).


Zuhal Binici (B.A. Arts in Social Work), founder and director of Project Light Up

Elias Koller (Master of Disaster Management), Consultant, External Relations

Impact On The Ground Foundation will serve as local partners, and co-leaders of Project Light Up